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Traditional Polkas

Beer Barrel Polka

Lichtensteiner Polka

In Heaven There is No Beer

No Beer on Sunday

Ice Cubes & Beer

Milwaukee Polka

Pennsylvania Polka

Who Stole the Kishka

Just Because

Barroom Polka

Strip Polka

Can Can Polka

Gloomy Wanderer

and many more....

Our versions

Black Sabbath


David Bowie

the Misfits

Britney Spears

Led Zepplin


Dick Dale

Judas Priest

Deep Purple

Iron Maiden

Johnny Cash
and many more....

Polkanaut Originals

The Polkanauts are in the studio. Once we complete Madden 86, we’ll release some music!

P O L K A N A U T S |  |  Denver, Colorado, USA, Planet Earthmailto:polkanauts@gmail.comshapeimage_2_link_0
The Polkanauts play a bizarre combination of genres that blend into creative, high energy performances. A sampling of our music...

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All our videos are available on our new official YouTube channel,

Polkanaut Accordion. View all the videos in  full HD Glory.

Also, check out the documentary of our European Tour, 2011.

Intro and Lichtensteiner Polka

Soulard Oktoberfest, St. Louis

Rather lengthy intro from Thom and Kara, of the Thom and Jeff Show. Then the full blown Polkanaut experience complete with Sammy the Monster, Frauleins, and thousands and thousands of rabid fans all singing the legendary Lichtensteiner Polka!

See the video on YouTube in HD

Polkanaut hats are now in!