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The Polkanauts are starting the busy Oktoberfest season. We are pretty much booked for September, but it you have a date around our current gigs, send us an email.

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Playin’ in a Snowstorm

Underground Music Showcase,

Gary Lee’s Motor Club, Denver, Colorado

July 2013

Some Past Gigs

Gigs 2012

Polkanaut Hats are now in!

Goodbye Blue Monday

Brooklyn, New York

Sept 2013

Pilsner Haus

Hoboken, New Jersey

Sept 2013

Durango Oktoberfest

Durango, CO

Sept 2013

Frisco Oktoberfest

Frisco, CO

August 2013

Frisco Oktoberfest

Frisco, CO

August 2013

Mockery Brewery, Denver, Colorado

April 2016

New Years 2016,

Gary Lee’s Motor Club, Denver, Colorado

Dec 2015

Denver Okoberfest

Denver, Colorado

October 2015

Polkanauts 2019

The Polkanauts are back stronger than ever for the 2019 season playing a mixture of national gigs at major Oktoberfests, Colorado mountain festivals and of course the premier breweries around Denver, culminating with Denver Oktoberfest, one of the largest in the nation!

This year’s Oktoberfest schedule includes:


August 25th 8–11amWestminster Logan’s Run event  


September  Fri 6th  7-10pm        Lowery Oktoberfest

September  Sat 7th  11am-5pmBreckenridge Oktoberfest

September  Sun 8th  11am-5pmBreckenridge Oktoberfest

September  Fri 13th 6-9pm        Union Station

September  Sat 14th 6-9 pm           Parker Oktoberfest

September  Fri 20th 5-7:45pm        Boulder Oktoberfest

September  Sat 21st 8–10 pm        RINO Oktoberfest

September  Sun 22nd 2-5pm   Boulder Oktoberfest day 2  

September  Fri 27th 6–8pm        Denver Oktoberfest    

September  Sat 28th 5–6:30pm       Denver Oktoberfest

September  Sun 29th 2:30-6pm   Westminster Oktoberfest


October Sat 5th2-6pm  Rapid City SD

October Sat 12th 12-5pm         GrandJunction, CO

October Fri-Sun 18-20th            Tulsa Oktoberfest  OK

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