Other Crazy Polka Bands & Stars

Brave Combo - The Gold Standard

NEWS Carl Finch just named to the Polka Hall of Fame!!!!!

If you haven’t heard of Brave Combo, where have you been? Seriously. They have been together since 1979 winning 77 grammys, appearing in multiple moves like David Byrne’s True Stories. They were on the Simpsons, and scored music for other TV series. They have released 16 albums. But mostly they PLAY.

That’s enough of a teaser, go to their website for more details.


Brave Combo is our mentor, goal,  We are doing what we are doing because of these guys. We call ourselves “Karl’s Kids”. A lot of other bands feel the same way. These guys are real musicians and artists, not hacks like us.Stories

Alex Miexner - Best accordion player on the planet

Another real musician (damn). You really have to see him to believe him. Plays trumpet excellently also (unfair!). Tours with his own band, and has at least 12 solo albums out. His father was into Polka, and taught Alex, and eventually recorded with him also.

His latest gig is recording for the Smithsonian (did I tell you he was a real musician?) This video probably sums up the Alex experience best.


Visit his website also - way too much to process.


Chardon Polka Band - Reality Polka stars

You may have seen Chardon on their reality series, “Polka Kings“. We played Tulsa Oktoberfest with them, and instantly bonded. Chardon has 4 albums out, check out “A Fistful of Polka”. They also released their own Christmas Special this year on YouTube

That’s enough of a teaser, go to their website for more details.

News! World War Polka album is now out! Also help them on thier Kickstarter campaign!


Bolzen Beer Band - Nebraska Punk Polka

Great energetic performance, and a real tuba. They cover everything from trad polkas to the Beatles and Eagles



There are many great traditional Polka Bands out there - we have played and made friends with them. But there are SOME freaks out there stretching the limits, blending genre’s, playing original music. Here’s a collection of some of our friends you really should check out.

Polkanauts w/ Carl Finch of Brave Combo