More than just the music, they are a show.

The Polkanauts do Polkas metal-style and Metal polka-style. A little surf, some pop-polka, And they throw in some traditional polkas cause they believe! Frankie Yankovic, Slayer, Black Sabbath, Brittney Spears, Santo & Johnny, Led Zeppelin,  and plenty of German Traditionals.
Based in Denver, Colorado, The Polkanauts were formed in 2008.
In 2011 the Polkanauts assaulted the UK with a tour that visited Manchester, London and 11 other cities.
2012 was the year of the Colorado Polkafest Tour, and culminated with the Soulard Oktoberfest in St. Louis with Brave Combo.

But listen what the journalists, fans and critics say...


Lucked into an amazing act on Friday night- The Polkanauts- best thing I've ever seen at this festival. So good I went back to see em again Saturday night.  A new metal/punk infused alternative polka sound like I've never heard before, but a lot of traditional polkas too! great!

Cally R - St Louis - Soulard Oktoberfest

Caught these guys live in Denver @ the Horseshoe. Great show! - See them if you can. Incredibly fun. The beer isn't required to enjoy the polka flavored metal cover songs,(They actually do a great Slayer-south of heaven!) But it might enhance the experience
Meester Peeps - Denver

"Polka, space suits, death metal covers and plenty of beer, the Polkanauts have definitively carved out their niche in the Denver music scene". 

"The Polkanauts’ hip take on the genre and the fact that they cover Black Sabbath, Slayer and America means that everyone from polka traditionalists to tattooed death metal fans might find something to enjoy"

Saw them play at the Roobar after the Rockies opener. Most fun live band I've seen in ages. Rock and metal covers in a polka style. Go see them and dance your a#$ off! Ask them to do the # of the beast cover! it rules!!

“Wandering south along Broadway toward the festival's main grounds, I happened upon one of the most enjoyable surprises of the four-day event. The Polkanauts' early afternoon set at Club 404 offered equal doses of kitsch and straightforward musicianship. The trio's set comprised an unadorned tribute to polka, a genre that's known better times in the pop culture psyche. But fads didn't phase the Polkanauts. Decked in orange jumpsuits festooned with patches bearing knockoff NASA logos, the trio proudly busted out a hybrid of traditional European polka structures and an in-your-face punk attitude worthy of the Pogues. The group's attitude alone was enough to pull the sounds out of the annals of western European lore and make it immediate and dynamic. The trio offered a foot-stomping version of "Just Because," apparently one of the genre's most successful entries into the pop charts. Still buzzing with the contagious effect of the Polkanauts' set, I made my way to ...... ”

—  A.H.Goldstein, Westword



Bass, Lead Vocals


Drums, Vocals


Guitar, Accordion, Vocals


Accordion, Vocals


Guitar, vocals


The Monster

Ok I know what your saying to yourself, What, When I think metal names like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and others come to mind and you wouldn’t think of polka bands who play metal but let me introduce you to the Polkanauts.
I have friends who are in the polka scene and love these guys. They may look kinda like Devo on some level but the music they play is lively and fun. Here is our little interview with links so you can check them out. more....
Heidi - ListenMusicSound

Soulard Oktoberfest Showcases some new Polka Faces

BY DIANE TOROIAN KEAGGY • dkeaggy@post-dispatch.com > 314-340-8343

On July 21, 1998, Texas act Brave Combo recorded Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze" to an oom-pah beat.

Polka has never been the same. 

Since then, a new generation of bands has paired traditional polka with contemporary country, rock and alternative hits. Turns out, even Slayer sounds better with an accordion. 

"We have huge respect for Brave Combo," says Wade Clark of metal-polka act the Polkanauts. "They made what we all do possible."

The Polkanauts, MORE

P O L K A N A U T S | polkanauts@yahoo.com  |  Denver, Colorado, USA, Planet Earthmailto:polkanauts@yahoo.com?subject=shapeimage_2_link_0

Polkanauts w/ Carl Finch of Brave Combo

Polkanaut hats are now in!